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Reload Thread: PAC LC1 hooking it up?

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    PAC LC1 hooking it up?

    Before i buy this and a bunch of RCA cable to get it from the amps to the dash of the boat I wanna make sure i get this right:

    I have 2 amps which power speakers on the tower of my boat. Both amps go to the EQ "rear" using a Y-splitter. Can i hook the PAC LC1 to eq and then the 2 amps to the LC1 using Y-splitters and be able to lower both amps with only 1 bass knob?

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    Re: PAC LC1 hooking it up?

    what kind of eq are you using? you can do this but it will degrade your signal if you are using the LC1 after the EQ because you are going to have basically four sets of y connectors if the amps are being run in stereo, and two sets if the amps are mono. if BEFORE the eq it depends on the inputs on the eq if you only have two inputs and four outputs then minimal wiring is necessary. you'd get a better signal if u got an audio control unit like the three.1 if you have the money, or the clarion indash eq is nice and its inexpensive, that way you dont have to add a seperate volume (i actually have one A/C three.1 i am thinkin about selling). but you can control the amps with one lc1 i have done it before.

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    Re: PAC LC1 hooking it up?

    I have an EQ that has a sub input

    FS 11-Band Kenwood KGC-7043 Equalizer - FloridaSPL

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