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Reload Thread: Which company makes the Best H/O Alt?

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    Which company makes the Best H/O Alt?

    I am in the Market and have contacted, DC, Mechman, Tenny, Ohio Generator, and Excessive for quotes. I just don't realy know who offers the best quality, I don't care as much about rated output or price, I care about overall performance and quality. I would be glad to hear you'alls opinions

    ive been looking at 270a alts if it helps

    Ride: 2002 Infiniti I35
    HU: Pioneer PRS-80 w/ a JL Audio Linedriver
    Front Stage: Infinity ,Infinity KAPPA 6.09cs (doors), Infinity 8" Reference 860w (BACK DASH)
    Sub Stage: ORION HCCA 15.4 in 5.5 cubes @ 28 hertz (SOLD IT, Looking for replacement)
    Front Amp: Infinity KAPPA 5 (5 Channel)
    Sub Amp: needs repalcement
    Power: Mechman 270A alt, Diehard advanced gold agm (775 CCA, 55AH) Diehard platinum agm (930 CCA, 75 AH), and I'm buying some 2/0 Welding cable to redo my big three and rerun the entire car

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    Re: Which company makes the Best H/O Alt?

    second would probably be mechman

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    4 18" Mayhems
    2 bc5500's

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    Re: Which company makes the Best H/O Alt?

    DC 270xp is a very strong alt. Been running one on my altima for 4+ years. One on my van is going on 3 years, never had an issue with either one. Altima alt has logged around 50k miles so far....

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    Re: Which company makes the Best H/O Alt?

    i love ohio generator. extremely good customer service, the alt i got was for a mercedes benz 560sec. it has been a two year chore to find a company that makes high output alt for my car. those other companies either didn't offer the alt or the one they had was a beefed up stock one that burned out in a few weeks, i even had a company sell me a stock alt from a later model car with a smaller pulley on it to overrev the power band to get me close to 200 amps(a meltdown waiting to happen) and it didn't fit like they said it would. it threw the belts on the highway!!! ohio not only got me a 270-300a alt but they retro fit the spacers so it would fit my car. all i had to do was grind about 1/16" off because my brackets were slightly different. not only that but i got a certified birthsheet that shows the power output at different rpm's. i woud go there for all my alt needs from now on!!

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    Re: Which company makes the Best H/O Alt?

    My DC 270XP is great. Strong eletrically, and built extremely well. Build times tend to be long, but worth the wait. They tend to be slow answering emails, but they provide great assistance when they do.

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    15inch subs can't play fast beats, they take more power and that taxes the vehicles electrical system. You will wake up and "hear" then see the light at the end of the tunnel and it will be 3 10's pounding so hard you wont even open your trunk or turn your system on because you 15's will sound sloppy & weak.
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    Re: Which company makes the Best H/O Alt?

    i like powermaster ,i had mine for 2 years never an issue ,it has the adjustable voltage as well,and was a direct bolt on

    pioneer avhx 5500 dvd, gzpa 1.4000 x 2
    ab vfl 350.4 ,7 pc 2150 and a 150 ah power ware agm ,275 amp singer alt , 2nd one coming soon
    cdt 6.5 es 6 im mids,cdt es 010 tweets,es 02 mids ,mx1000 3 way x overs , sky high and stinger hpm o gauge wires ,also 2 tantric hdd 15's in a 9.5. ^3 ported no wall box 11.5 octo port.

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