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Reload Thread: Speakers Crack, Wattage problem? Frustrated.

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    Speakers Crack, Wattage problem? Frustrated.

    Ok, Ordered a new head unit, and speakers for my 2002 silverado.

    1.Stock Front speakers had a woofer, and a tweeter, therefore I assume there was a stock passive crossover.

    2. New Pioneers came in, installed those, pain in the a$$ had to fab mounts.

    3. Installed the woofers in the same place, and tweeters in the same place.

    Everything is wired up and when I turn the unit on, I get to 50% volume and bam, cracking.

    Is it that the stock headunit is too strong/weak for them?

    This is the new setup:

    Front Speakers: *Pioneer TS-A1305C 300W Max, 50W Nom. 2-way component speakers.
    Rear:Pioneer TS-G1044R 200W Max, 30W Nom. 2-way Speakers
    HU:Soundstream VR931NB
    *Already Installed

    Question 1 - Should I wire in the crossovers that came with the pioneers, if so, how.
    Question 2- Why would the new front speakers be rattling, is the HU not able to push them?
    Question 3- How would you wire this?

    Sorry for all the wordage but I am so confused.

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    Re: Speakers Crack, Wattage problem? Frustrated.

    the factory "passive crossovers" are just caps on the tweeters. nothing fancy or external. so when you removed the factory tweeter, you removed the crossover with it. you are running your tweeter full range, it sounds like. amazing it still works. sine the new speakers came with crossovers, you must use them or you will blow the tweeters (if you haven't already).

    if you still get noise, i suspect you neglected to bypass the factory amplifier, and the head unit outputs are over-driving the amp inputs. to solve that problem, run new wiring from the head unit to each speaker directly.

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