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Reload Thread: Need A.S.A.P help on bypassing video on Alpine IVA-D310

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    Need A.S.A.P help on bypassing video on Alpine IVA-D310

    Yes i'm new at hooking up stereo's with tv's in them...I SEARCH THE WEB FOR HELP IDEAS I TRIED ALMOST EVERYTHING..First i just tried bypassing the wires before i i bought a pac tr-7 and that didn't work,,,I have no clue what to do next,,I can't even bring up the setting's everything is correctly hooked up i put in a dvd while park and all here is the move no image..I search the web got plenty of ideas and tried almost every thing..PLEASE IF YOU CAN HELP ANY IDEAS I WOULD HIGHLY APPRICATE IT SO MUCH,,Iv'e been hooking stereo's up 4 a very long time and this one has me stump,Thank's

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    Re: Need A.S.A.P help on bypassing video on Alpine IVA-D310

    Alpine made this unit pretty much impossible to bypass without sophisticated products like the Pac. Here is the thing, within the programming of the unit there are timers that increment with each action. If I remember the system must see the break wire within 3 seconds after power on, then parking after that after so many milliseconds, then it must fall out within 2 seconds, then engage within so many seconds, then the break must fall out soon after. You either need the pac or timed relays that would end up costing more and take way more time to figure out.

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    Re: Need A.S.A.P help on bypassing video on Alpine IVA-D310

    in other words you want "video in motion". This is what you will need to wire up:

    >> LINK

    2012 Volkswagen GTI 4dr
    * Factory RCD-510 H/U
    * MASSIVE AUDIO CK 6X 6.5 components
    * Alpine 3547 2-channel amp
    * Audison SR 1D monoblock amp
    * MASSIVE AUDIO TW10 10" sub in 1.36cu ft ported box (tuned @ 35Hz)
    * Streetwires OFC 4awg power/ground wires
    * Audio Control LC2i line output converter
    * Audio Control ACR-1 remote knob

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