I have a 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo and being an old Porsche, the rear speakers are unaccessible without damaging the panels. In addition, re-wiring the speakers are a pain because i would have to cut into the bundles of tightly packed wires, making sure not to damage anything. Hence I am choosing to keep the stock speaker wire and leaving the stock rear speakers, but the problem is that the rear speakers are wired in parallel with the front. So my question is can I bridge the left channels and right channels of the headunit and use the stock external fader to cutout the power to the back speakers? Also, would the new front speakers get all the bridged amount of power from my headunit; my Alpine CDA-9813 puts out 27 watts rms to each channel so would the front speakers get the 54 watts each if the rear speakers are still wired in parallel but faded out? Thanks for any replies and sorry about this post being in the speaker section too.