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    High Alt help

    Hey guys im purchasing an Hifonics ZRX2000.1D 2000watt amp to power 2 Pioneer Premier 1000 watt rms subs. And im pretty aware im going to have to do the Big 3, get a high power alt and possibly (hopefully not) get a better battery. Can you guys please help me with pricing and oppinions ? I have been looking for the alt (for a 2004 Honda civic ex 2 dr 1.7 Lt) and ive found a nice one for 315$ and a cheaper one for 210$ what do you guys think on them? which should I buy? also please provide me with some quality Big 3 upgrade kits. Thanks all!!

    Honda Civic High Output Alternators -- more expensive

    High Output Alternator Honda Civic 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Acura Car El 1 7L | eBay -- cheaper one

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    Re: High Alt help

    Be wary of Ebay auto parts, especially electronic items like alternators. I would pass on the Ebay one. I'm not 100% sure about what HO alts are good anymore, but do some research on whatever you buy. I recall hearing good things about Powermaster. Look around on the forums and look for feedback on different companies.

    Finding a premade big 3 kit for your car is probably not gonna happen. It'd be easier to buy cable and terminals and do it yourself. Knukonceptz makes some good wire, you can get terminals just about anywhere. Ebay is usually the cheapest and you can't screw up much on a terminal.

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    Re: High Alt help

    I've got a DC2 Integra I've been looking to drop a H/O alt into and I've been hearing good things about AlterStart. They have a store on ebay but from what I understand they do pretty well for the price point. For my car it's like $179.99 for 160 amps @1600 rpm and 80a @800 rpm (factory is 80a MAX).

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    Re: High Alt help

    Someone makes big 3 kits here on the forum. Can't remember who it is though. Maybe @RAM_Designs ?

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    Re: High Alt help

    do big 3 and get a high quality second battery and upgrade batt under the hood if necessary . Throw a xs power d3400 under hood and a d3100 in the back no ho alt needed your voltage will be more than fine

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    Re: High Alt help

    Quote Originally Posted by gckless View Post
    Someone makes big 3 kits here on the forum. Can't remember who it is though. Maybe @RAM_Designs ?
    That is correct. I use Audio Technix 4704 strand count(same as JL wire) OFC and CCA wire, hydraulically crimped ring terminals, and adhesive lined heat shrink tubing for a very clean look. Anyone who's interested feel free to email me via the address in my sig.

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