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    Lights dim

    When I play the music real loud the lights dim. I have a capasitor and it doesn't really help. I was wondering what I could do to fix this problem. Thanks

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    Re: Lights dim

    Id start by making sure all grounds are tight, then big 3, if that doesn't help look into additional batteries or a ho alt for your car

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    Re: Lights dim

    Ditch the cap. Set gain right. Turn off bass boost.

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    Re: Lights dim

    ground ground ground clean ground. im sure you can find a "how to" on the "big 3" that will give you a very good start.

    keep the cap,get rid of it! what ever just set the gain and turn off the bass boost like mentioned above.

    grounds are your best friend.nice and clean with good clean wire. it will sound better and get rid of the dimming light most of the time

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    Re: Lights dim

    Quote Originally Posted by Jayw94 View Post
    I'd love to buy your comedy special
    Well in murph's defense, you obviously didn't understand what the section you chose to post this thread in was intended for. There is a section in this forum that would be better suited for asking technical questions, but it certainly wouldn't be in the classifieds. You should expect to get a few snide comments.

    It would also help the folks on here figure out your issue if you described the amplifier(s) and wiring you're currently running. I looked at your profile to see if the info was there, it said "2 type r 15s."

    For example, If you're running a power-hungry amplifier on Bullz Audio 4 gauge, that might an issue to begin with. If it's one thing I've learned over the years, it's not to neglect my wiring. Once you have all the proper cable, then make sure it is installed properly. I didn't properly ground my system in one of my first installs and I melted my carpet and nearly set my car on fire. All the other suggestions made so far I second, big 3 is a worthwhile upgrade and isn't expensive.

    Chances are, there are people here that can empathize with and/or help you with your issues. Just familiarize yourself with the forum before you start posting threads.

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