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    Please Help Installing Tweeters - New Guy Here!

    Hi! I'm new here. My name is Matt, and I have a 2005 Buick Rainier with Premium Bose, similar to Trailblazers. I plan to upgrade it by doing the following:
    I will be putting a new head unit, the JVC KD-R730BT, which will be hooked up via the CRUX SOOGM-15 GM Factory Integration Adapter, which I believe, but am not entirely sure, runs using harnesses, directly to the factory Bose amp. I will be replacing the rear speakers with Kicker DS525, 5-1/4" speakers, which will also be running off of the stock Bose amp as the stock rear speakers were, and running the sub outputs on the head unit, via RCA, to my Boss 1000 watt amp, powering one 12" Alpine Type-S. Having this in mind, I was hoping to put tweeters in to enhance the highs, as I am a huge fan of crisp, clean highs. I, however, am not educated as far as putting tweeters in, but know that if I spice them in with the door speakers, I will change the impedance, causing an uneven load on the amp, which I have been told is not good for a Bose amp, which is set up specifically for the impedance of the stock Bose system, so I am using the same impedance speakers in the doors. My question is whether or not I can wire the tweeters directly to my head unit, using it's internal amplifier. I don't know how I'd go about this though, because I don't know if the tweeters (I was looking at Kicker 11KS13 tweeters with in-line crossovers) have RCA jacks, which I could directly plug into the RCA outputs on my head unit, or whether I would have to splice them in somewhere, and if I did have to splice them, where would I do so without changing the impedance?

    Thank you for the help!

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    Re: Please Help Installing Tweeters - New Guy Here!

    Why aren't you replacing the front speakers? Assuming you have 4 factory speakers replace them all and get a 4ch amp to power them. If you still don't have the sound you want then I'd consider adding more tweeters, but I doubt that will be needed...

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    Re: Please Help Installing Tweeters - New Guy Here!

    I believe the factory setup has tweeter location already. I would look at replacing the front stage with a component set.

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