okay, so i just recently installed an amplifier, and now i have a crackling in my speakers. i will attempt to describe the problem and what i have done to trouble shoot it.

1. crackling sound, comes from all 4 door speakers and front tweeters, more noticeable from the tweeters cause it is at a higher pitch
2. pitch increases as the car revs up
3. no crackling is heard when the car is off

what ive done:
so my first guess is that it was alternator whine, because i did run my ground all the way back to my battery. i tried grounding it to a bolt in the back and still get the same whine.
then i noticed that if i unplug either rca, anywhere on the line (i go from the amp to where the HU used to be, then have a rca to 3.5 mm y-cable (my plan is to mount a tablet where the hu used to be)) for instance unplug one side of my y or the rca from the amp, the buzzing goes away. but if i have both rca's plugged into the amp, regardless of channel (4 channel amp), all my speakers buzz. so then i went through and determined it was not caused by my rca's or by my y-cable.
next i ensured that none of my speakers were shorted together with a multimeter

so im lost. and yes my power and audio cables are separated, my power goes down the driver side of the vehicle, my rca's and speaker cables go down the passenger side. so this leaves me thinking it is the amp, but i thought i would throw a post out there and see if i missed anything. im really hoping i did, cause i dont want the hassle of sending the amp back, and being without music while i wait for it to arrive..


oh and these are not cheap rca's, i used rg59 coaxial cable and put the ends on myself so that it was the right length.