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Reload Thread: Battery Drain when car off

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    Battery Drain when car off

    My brother's girlfriend installed her amp, sub, and head unit herself b4 we knew her and ever since then she must remove the fuse for her amp when she turns the car off or the battery will drain and end up dead. Is this an issue with how the amp is wired to the battery or an issue with the turn on wire coming from the head unit. Full disclosure, I don't know very much about electric wiring or car audio. Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Battery Drain when car off

    It's because the remote wire (turn on lead,remote wire) is connected to a hot 12v - meaning the amp is getting a turn on signal constantly from the battery. Car turns off, amp stays on.

    She needs to wire it to an accessory that turns off when the ignition is turned off, or wire in a switch.

    Props to the chick for doing her own install

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    Re: Battery Drain when car off

    sourdeez is correct. just connect the remote turn on to the blue wire or the wiper fuse on the fuse box.

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