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Reload Thread: jl hd 1200/1 blows fuse

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    jl hd 1200/1 blows fuse

    my JL hd keeps blowing the fuse when its cranked too loud.

    i rechecked my ground and it was a loose so i rebolted it and now it holds up better against blowing the fuse (plays louder longer) but still eventually blows it.

    any ideas?

    2005 Lexus GS300
    -DC Power XP 270 H/O Alternator, Big 3, Kinetik HC2400, XS D680 in trunk
    -Stock NAV unit w/ RF 3sixty.3
    -JL HD 1200/1
    -JL HD 600/4
    -Hybrid Audio Clarus front stage; Diamond D6 rear fill
    -2x 10" Ascendant Audio Chaos in 4th order.

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    Re: jl hd 1200/1 blows fuse

    god hates you from switching sundown - jl lol i had a amp do this i just put in larger fuses (30 to 40) it didnt do it anymore but im no amp tech i rather someone with better knowlage help you.

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    Re: jl hd 1200/1 blows fuse

    Bigger fuses would probably work/help.... That's what I had to do before also, had a Kicker that wasn't getting enough power. But talk to an amp tech.

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