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Reload Thread: Fix What May be A blown voice coil?? (need advice)

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    Icon33 Fix What May be A blown voice coil?? (need advice)

    Alright guys, let me give you the run down.
    I had my two MA Audio 12" XE's hooked up to my Lightning Audio S1.1000d Amp in
    one of the worst sealed enclosures ever. I noticed I had one sub definetly NOT
    hitting at it's potential. The other day I get a new box (due to the quality of the old box
    I figured that was why the sub wasn't hitting well at all) and I wire up the subs and
    put them into my new box. Now, to my problem!!

    The subs are DVC and on the one that is no longer even hitting the small silver wires
    that were running into it had become unraveled and only one remained actually connected
    to the positive end on the one voice coil (which is barely connected now). I made the
    presumption that perhaps that voice coil (if that is what it is) was blown? There is no blackening on the wires nor where it was soldiered into on the postivite terminal. So, my question - if I were to soldier (sp?) those wires back onto the positive terminal do yoiu think it would work again??

    (Any links to documentation or assistance you can provide is GREATLY appreciated)

    Thanks in advance for your help!



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    It would work again but I think you would just end up with the wires coming loose again..If you wanna test the VCs then you need to connect the wires back to the terminals then put a multi meter to it.. I you can do it cleanly try to splice some new wire to it but keep it routed away from the back of th esub or can do funny things..


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