Need a little help just put a set of spe 6000 coaxial 6.5 speakers in the doors of my 92 nissan. I have a alpine cda 9884 head unit that is powering them. Also have 2 12 inch fosgate t1s with a t5002 amp subs sound awesome and no issues. Door speakers well when I fade the hu or if it is set at 0 the front speakers sound bad when I turn up the hu past 10. I can turn the fade all the way front +15 and they sound really good and no sound issues but i cant hear subs at all but if i fade it to 0 or rear to hear subs the front speakers are horrible. I need it to b 0 or faded to rear some so I can actually hear my subs but fronts sound to bad. Am I needing a amp for the door speakers, am I having ground issues? Any help would be very appreciated thanks!!!