I've been using the KDC-X794 for little over 2 years now and its been great.

All of a sudden I found the HU restarts randomly and gets into the DEMO mode screen.

Well initially I thought it was random. Closer observations revealed :

1) When I start the car in the morning the player is fine for about 15-20 minutes.
2) Post the 15-20 min if I am running at over 60kmp everything is fine.
3) At a good speed the player is fine for hours of driving.
4) The minute I hit a toll or I need to slow down the restarting begins. And then its gets totally random.
5) So it shuts off and comes back on in seconds but to the DEMO screen
6) If I switch it off for a while and then turn it on , it will play fine for about 15-20 min again. During this 15-20 min I could go really slow and nothing happens.

I have check the connections to the HU .

I drive a Suzuki SX4 , manual stick.

Any help would be great.