Hey fellas. Im new to kenwood and I took time to read the manual (first time in 5 years) but I cant figure out how to get a set of speakers to run off of the amp while another set of speakers are running off of the radio. I did see an internal amp set up and I have not gotten sound by toggling that option. On my Alpine there was a setting but im not sure if its the same on the kenwood. Also, Im only running tweets with not crossover to the radio and I wanted to know what a safe crossover setting should be to prevent blowing the tweets on the front channel. If needed, they are a set of hertz bt16 tweets. The specs are:
Minimum Frequency Response [Hz]: 3000
Maximum Frequency Response [Hz]: 21000
Sensitivity (Efficiency) [dB]: 93
Peak Power Handling [Watts]: 80
RMS Power Handling [Watts]: 80
Impedance (per voice coil) [Ohm]: 4

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.