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    One speaker extremely lower than others

    Okay so there's just 1 channel that is extremely lower then all my other channels. I wanted to make sure it was the wires so I used a different rca chord and it worked with all the other channels except the one that still had low sound. Not the wires.
    Now I wanted to make sure it wasn't the amp since its brand new. (Alpine pdx f4) so i unplugged it from the channel that wasn't working from the back of my stereo and plugged it into a different channel that worked and then tested all 4 channels on the amp and they all produced the right level of sound on a different channel through the deck. Then when i plugged it into the the 1 channel on the stereo it was low again. So im almost 100% positive it is the Deck. Could it possibly be that im hooking up something wrong or is my deck just faulty?

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    Re: One speaker extremely lower than others

    Quote Originally Posted by ForceEdge View Post
    Could it possibly be that im hooking up something wrong or is my deck just faulty?
    I'd say something is hooked up wrong, or your deck is faulty......

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    Re: One speaker extremely lower than others

    Ur paragraph is confusing

    Do u have access to a multimeter? If yes set it to volts ac and set ib on the speaker terminal out of the amp channel thst is low...remember tat number that cones up. Now do the same to the good channel...if they are different numbers then the amp is the problem

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    Re: One speaker extremely lower than others

    had the same problem.
    1st swap bad speaker wire with one next to it. if other speaker sounds bad, it's not you speakers.
    2nd swap rca's on amp front, rear, left, right if bad sound moves around it's not you amp, if it doesn't it's time to repair or replace
    3rd on the back of your deck if you suspect your RR rca is bad move RF to RR position, if it sounds normal you've just isolated it to your RCA's
    4th if suspected is RR swap with LR if LR sounds bad it is your head unit outputs
    5th someone can probably tell you the right way to do it with a multimeter
    If its worth repairing see Ray Rayfield of Lenear Power/Blues Audio.

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