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Reload Thread: need help please with VW CD player install

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    need help please with VW CD player install

    ok, here's a bit of a challenge for you guys... (and for me)

    Description of what's going on: Got a stock Double Din CD/cassette player from a 2003 GTI. Trying to put it in a 2002 Jetta.

    Problem: Connection types for the CD player are different from the 2002 to the 2003 model VWs. (2003 uses one big connector, 2002 uses 2 smaller connectors)

    Solution: Built a custom harness from old computer parts , to go from two small to one big.

    Need help on : figuring out what wires go where from the two plugs of the Jetta to the CD player's one big plug

    if anyone has any info on what wires to hook up where... please help

    Things I've done and tried: I went by VW dealership and they know next to nothing... and I asked if I could trade it in for a 2002 model CD player... (CD player is practically new) and they said they can't... so I'm kinda in a bind. What I've figured out so far is from, but they don't have any info about the Golf and the connections on that... I have the '02 Jetta info but not the '03 GTI CD player info.

    (btw, if you are wondering why I'm doing this, person that I'm installing for wants to have the car match on the inside... so)... thanks everyone in advance. and good luck helping me out... this crap is hard to research...

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    Re: need help please with VW CD player install

    you can buy a wire harness for the car that the radio is going into.... and then buy the reverse **wires to stock harness to plug into factory radio** for the radio going into the car.... then wire the harnesses together.. and then you have the factory harness for the 02 jetta... and it turns into the harness for the new radio

    Been out of this for a longgg time...

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