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    First time install!

    Hi, I am new to the forums and car audio in general. I have a general understanding of car audio, but when it comes to the fine tuning/problem solving aspects I do not have a clue.

    I managed to wire an Audison lrx400.1 900 watt amp to some 2004 Kicker 12 l7's in a small sealed box. The setup is in an 03 Jetta with the premium double-din monsoon system, so I tapped into the stock amp and put the rear speaker inputs to a LOC and then wired that to the Audison Amp. The amp has two speaker outputs, so I wired one output to each sub, but I am not sure what the impedance is of each sub since I did not build the box, I just know that they are dual 4 ohm or dual 2 ohm subs and there is one set of outputs for each sub. For power I used an as short as possible 4 gauge power wire with a 2 ft ground to the seat-belt bolt under the rear seat (I scraped all the paint off). The amp is set to 50hz max and the level is tuned to the max, but it just isn't hitting that hard. The lights in the car are not dimming at all, and i know people with way less wattage's and worse speakers in the wrong boxes in bigger cars that have cars hitting way harder.

    Sorry for the essay, and the potential newbie question, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to fix this.

    ALSO, if anyone knows what wire to tap into for the remote wire on an 03 jetta wolfsburg, it would be much appreciate. Currently, I just have the remote wire on a switch in the cabin.

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    Re: First time install!

    50hz max for the low pass filter is too low. Do it up around 80hz. Also, if you dont know the impedance, then you might be underpowering the subs.

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    Re: First time install!

    Audison on an L7? Contradiction....

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    Re: First time install!

    remove the subs from their box to verify both wiring configuration and coil impedance. don't make assumptions.

    read the manual for the amp.

    page 8 has the controls.

    Set Hi Pass to "Bypass" F2
    Dial position does not matter.

    Set Lo-Pass to "ON" F1
    Adjust dial to 70Hz

    Set S.Sonic to Off if the box is sealed and On if the box is ported. (preset at 20Hz)

    Adjust F1 Q to between 1-2.

    Adjust level to based on the output voltage from the LOC. The amp accepts 0.2-5V inputs.

    if the LOC inputs are out of phase (switched speaker wires) you will get very little output. you can try swapping polairty on one of the inputs if you are not 100% postive which factory wire is postive and which is negative (try anyway). won't hurt anything, but if they are reversed then they will cancel each other out!

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