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Reload Thread: Role of Battery

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    Role of Battery

    I was just wondering what role the battery plays in the car stereo. What I mean is, does the system draw from the battery then the alternator recharges the battery? Or does the system draw from the alt and if there isn't enough power from teh alt it takes from the battery?

    Or is it somethign completely different?

    The reason I ask is because I am having some financial difficulties right now, and I really need more juice to run my system.

    I have a tiny alternator or 55 amps I am wondering if a yellow top battery would supply enough power to run my amps (Zapco AG 350 and Planet Audio TT2250) for a few seconds when they are really cranked up. I am positive that my alternator can put out enough power to keep the battery charged over a period of time while I listen to my stereo because my current battery has not died.

    If you can help me out at all, I'd appreciate it. If I have been unclear, let me know and I'll try and explain better.

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    Re: Role of Battery

    The role of the battery is to start the car and power any electrical items that are needed with the car off. Once the car is running, you want the alt to power everything. The battery can pick up the slack occassionally, but you WILL get light dimming and if you run it for very long with the alt at max capacity, the alt will burn itself up. I would guess that you could get a larger rebuilt alt or get your current alt rewound for less than the price of a yellow top. If you are looking at a new battery though, you can get an Exide orbital heavy duty (basically made for stereo systems) for less than $100.

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