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    Almost there, but lacking a few parts

    Hello all,

    I hope I am in the right place. I have been a long time (well, about 6 months) lurker while I have been piecing out my stereo, but would like the advice of you kind individuals. I've taken what I've read and bought everything accordingly after hearing thoughts/suggestions from previous posters. Here's what I currently have so far:

    Car: 2011 Maxima Type-S
    Sub: (1) AudioQue HDC312
    Box: ProBox
    Door Speakers: AudioQue AQ-TS65 (componants front)
    AudioQue AQ-MR65 (back support)
    Amps: Sub Amp: AudioQue AQ2200D (1 Ohm)
    Door Speaker Amp: AudioQue AQ-1204
    Wiring: Wiring Kit for Amps - IXOS-PK0 x2
    X-Series-Twisted-Speaker-12-Gauge (door speakers)
    Head Unit: Clarion CZ102
    Distro Block: Rockford Fosgate RFD1.html
    Now, here are my questions:

    1.) Do I NEED to replace my battery with an AGM battery? If so, what is the best bang for the buck? Not looking to drop over $300 and would not want to drop over $200, but can be negotiable.
    2.) For RCA cables, what should I get? I was going down the KNU Krystal Kables route, but not sure what kind. Look at my setup currently with the head unit/amps.
    3.) If I was going to upgrade the "Big 3," what else would I need to get to get that done? I heard my amp kits will have extra's, so if that's the case, what would I be lacking if I could use the extra's from the kits?
    4.) Anything else I am lacking before I drop this off to the installer? I want to have EVERYTHING ready with no surprise costs besides labor.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Almost there, but lacking a few parts

    1. Put a Super Start Extreme AGM Group 34 in the back. It is a rebadged Deka. They are about $150 and amazing bang for the buck. As money allows, eventually do the same with your front battery (whatever group size fits of course).
    2. Knu, RF, Stinger all make excellent RCAs
    3. I don't really understand the question here, but the Big 3 upgrade in 1/0 in addition to the vehicle's stock wiring/grounding is always a great addition when running a system.
    4. If money would ever permit, you will gain plenty of output by having a custom box built or designed for you. It would blow a probox out of the water without you having to increase cone area or power. Do this as soon as you can.

    Stupid Loud.

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    Re: Almost there, but lacking a few parts

    Hey wicked!

    Thank you for the quick response.

    1.) I have ordered the Battery just now, so I will mark that off my list.

    2.) As far as the RCA's are concerned, what kind should I get? This may be a broad question, but if I provided a link, would you tell me which ones I need to order?

    w*w.knukonceptz.c*m/productMaster.cfm?category=Krystal%20RCA%20Kables (It won't let me post links)

    3.) I heard my amp kits may have extra's (1/0 AWG, Terminals) that I could use for the big 3 upgrade. If I do not have the necessary extra's, would you mind providing me a link with what I need to get this completed?

    4.) The box/sub came from my good friend who had this in his last car. He got a new car and for some reason or another decided to get a whole new system, so he gave this to me. It's already wired down to 1ohm and I've heard this in his previous car and it bumps, extremely hard.

    Thanks for taking the time to help this poor soul !

    **EDIT** - For the RCA's, I mean should I get 1, 4 channel RCA, and 1, 2 channel RCA? That's what I am confused on.
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