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Reload Thread: JL Audio 500/1 and Kicker L5 15" problems Turns off

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    JL Audio 500/1 and Kicker L5 15" problems Turns off

    Well I had my JL 500/1 Hook up to a L5 15" for about 6 months now without a problem till now. When I crank up my bass my sub turns off but my amp is still on but the LOW amber light comes on. but it takes a real long time for it to turn back on it took 1 day for it to come on ? That day I was trying it every hour with no luck until the next day, Its a very werid problem I would like some help on this ? Stereo shops here said its the amp, then the other one said its the woofer, and said it needs a cap.

    Please helpppp

    Thanks George

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    Re: JL Audio 500/1 and Kicker L5 15" problems Turns off

    Well you can check the woofer with an ohm meter. Get one and check to see if it falls in the specified Ohm range of the speaker.

    If that is good, then get the volt meter and turn your stereo on, and test the power draw at the amp's Pos and Neg inputs. With the car running it should be between 14.7 and 12.5. ( I know 12.5 is low but it will still work) If you voltage is dropping below 12 you have a problem with either you power input, or you ground area.

    It is really hard to give you a good answer with all the posabilities. But if you amp and sub are under warrenty then I would send them back in when you find you the problem.

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