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    Please help me with my amplifier settings, Thank you!

    In the trunk of my mustang I built a spare tire box with 3 kenwoods 10's. (KFC-W2513PS) 300 rms 4 ohms each. Frequency response: 39-300 Hz Sensitivity: 82 dB. They are wired at wired at 1.33ohms

    My amp is a planet audio bb2400.1 (2400 rms x 1)

    My questions..

    Input sensitivity: 100m-2v or 2v-8v? (Is that dependent on power of my rca outputs on my head unit?)

    Amp Bridge mode: Do I select Master or Slave? I dont get it, I am going to use a bass knob so I insert that end into the remote level control correct? What is the data link for?

    Input level?

    sub filter?

    Low pass?

    Phase selector?

    Sorry I bought the amp used and it didnt come with an instruction book I could read.

    and Bass boost im assuming that is done to the level of comfort? Correct me if Im wrong.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Please help me with my amplifier settings, Thank you!

    Ok first set it to master that link and slave master is to link two amps, if using HU rca's set the input level to2v-8v input level is your gain set the sub filter to about half way leave phase at 0 set the low past just a hair above minimum since it bottoms out at 50hz and leave the boost at minimum and you should be good to go, also look in the amp section on here ans see how to set your gains correctly!

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    Re: Please help me with my amplifier settings, Thank you!

    What head unit are you using? You will most likely want to use 2-8 for input. The sub filter is useful if your box is ported. It prevents the sub from bottoming out below tuning frequency, aka subsonic filter. Low pass is how high you want the sub to play. If your mids play down to 80, you would want the low pass to be set a bit below that. The phase selector is the same as putting the negative cable in the positive and positive cable in the negative. It makes the speaker go in when it should go out and vice versa. This is useful sometimes to help the sub blend better with the front speakers.

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