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Reload Thread: What is the Bass Knob actually controlling

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    What is the Bass Knob actually controlling

    I recently bought a hifonics amplifier that came with a HFR-3 bass knob. It says boost on it from min to max, so i am assuming that it controls the bass boost is this correct? Or is it a remote gain knob that is very misleading? Should i even use it?

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    Re: What is the Bass Knob actually controlling

    most of the time the "bass knob" afaik is just an attenuator, so all it does is vary the input signal. So it shouldn't act the same as the bass boost setting on your amplifier - which btw most people on here will tell you to keep turned off if you want your gear to last.

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    Re: What is the Bass Knob actually controlling

    Bass Boost

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    Re: What is the Bass Knob actually controlling

    It really depends on the amp, on a fosgate depending on if it's set to hp or lp it boost tones at either 40hz and 15khz these are close probably not exact I'm going off memory and it isn't what it used to be! On a low end Ma audio it's a remote gain control. so it varies just got to read up.

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