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Reload Thread: 200 amp alt overkill on a civic w/ 1500 watts?

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    200 amp alt overkill on a civic w/ 1500 watts?

    I have a civic that has a 75 amp alt stock. I am going to be installing 2 amps that will have that will produce roughly 1500 watts (JL 1000/1 and JL 450/4). My stock alt will not be able to make the power that I am needing. I can not decide about the size of alt that I should upgrade to. Originally I was going to get a 150 amp alt. Then using the logic that bigger is always better....I considered a 200 amp alt.
    Is 200 amps overkill? Any negative effects on the electrical system by giving it that much more power?


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    Re: 200 amp alt overkill on a civic w/ 1500 watts?

    people have a misconception about h/o alternators. No matter what amperage the alternator is, it still is gonna put out 12 - 14.4 volts. lets just call the amperage "storage". it stores power, it is not going to send all your electrical components more than they use. the componets are only gonna use as much power as they need. Same thing with your amplifier. It is only gonna take as much power as it needs. the alternator is not gonna send the amp or anything else in the car more power than it needs. so to answer your question, no, it will not negativaley effect your cars electrical.

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