i recently purchased a JL Audio 250/1 mono block amp for my sub and i want to add another 4 channel for my interior speakers. currently i have my amp under the driver side seat but i know for a fact the new amp and additional one i want to purchase will not fit under the seat. the problem i have is that i cant mount them to the back seat because its not a solid surface. i also dont want to mount them to the floor of the trunk because i need my trunk space. here are some pics, if anyone has any ideas what my options would be. i haven't swapped out the amp yet as i want to do something different and haven't decided on which route to go.
adding new amps, need advice.-040.jpgadding new amps, need advice.-039.jpgadding new amps, need advice.-038.jpgadding new amps, need advice.-041.jpgadding new amps, need advice.-042.jpgadding new amps, need advice.-043.jpgadding new amps, need advice.-044.jpg