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Reload Thread: Need Advice!!! What To Do With Brutus 2400.1D

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    Need Advice!!! What To Do With Brutus 2400.1D

    Hey guys. I've got a 2001 Dodge Intrepid R/T and would love to put something completely obnoxious in the trunk. I just sold my Two 10" Pioneer champion series pro subs and the 1600 watt brutus amp that was hooked up to it.

    I have a Brutus 2400.1D in my basement and was kicking around the idea of either (2) 12" RE Audio SXX 12's or (1) RE Audio SXX 15 only because I can't fit a dual 15" sub box in my trunk that's ported. I came across a Power Acoustic 15" Mofo that was 1750 RMS and figured with my am,p wired down to 2Ohms it would be perfect for $175 but i don't know anything about those subs?

    I'm currently in the process of wiring a 4 channel amp to some aftermarket component speakers. I've purchased 2 kenwood 6-1/2" door speakers and will be picking up some 6x9's for the rear deck. The car is currently gutted inside to make it easier to install the system. Problem is, there are 2 tweeters and a little dash tweeter hooked up to the factory infinity sound system. I was thinking about leaving the front RCA's from my deck to goto the factory amp to power the 3 tweeters and using the rear RCA's and splitting them at the 4 channel sony amp to supple my 2 6-1/'2 and 2 6x9's will this theory work without using a x-over?

    Anyway, the main point is, I'm not sure which subs to go with or if I should sell my amp and get something smaller?

    Just for kicks and giggles, if you were in my shoes and had what I'm currently working with, which subs would you go with and why?

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    Re: Need Advice!!! What To Do With Brutus 2400.1D

    i would put components in the front. no factory amplification or factory tweeters.
    power new components from an amp.
    no rear speakers as they'll just distort from the pressure of the subs. they just add noise anyway.

    as far as sub choice? that is determined by your budget and enclosure options. you can get some darn good subs used in the classifieds.

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