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Reload Thread: Connecting PAC SNI-35 lineout converter to Mono signal

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    Connecting PAC SNI-35 lineout converter to Mono signal

    I have a 2008 Honda Pilot. Replaced the factory 10" with a Polk MM1040 DVC pushed by a kicker ZX300.1. I connected the PAC SNI-35 to the front speakers off the factory HU. I have to use the Factory HU due to factory integrated RES(rear entertainment system).

    I noticed that on some tracks where I know there to be some deep bass that the polk will barely produce where I swear the factory woofer made more. Other tracks that have higher bass(don't know proper term) I have a ton of bass. This makes me think that the factory HU has a cutoff for the front speakers expecting the woofer to get those frequencies. Let me know if you think my logic is flawed.

    The woofer connection from the factory HU is a mono channel. Only two wires go to it. question finally is, how would I connect the PAC SNI-35 to a single set of wires. Maybe there is a simpler way to connect a mono signal to an amplifier, but as you can image searching with the words amp and mono give me great results. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Connecting PAC SNI-35 lineout converter to Mono signal

    You want a summing OEM integration piece. Like the Audio Control LC6I. You want to sum the front and sub speaker outputs.

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