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    Problem with subwoofers or amp?

    So i got 2 12 inch r1 Phoenix Gold Subs professionally installed. They were brand new with warranty. Also a REaudio DTS 1000.1 amp was installed as well. This setup was awesome and shook my car to hell. After about 1 hour of use the subs both stopped. I arrived home and looked at it and noticed the amp was in protection mode. One sub still vibrated a little while the other didnt move at all. Once i turned the volume past 15/40 they both stopped. Why is the amp in protection mode? Is there a way i can fix this ? BTW im not going to remove ne wires or take anything apart because ill **** it up. Thanks!!! Also when i was playing music i wasnt using max settings. The bass boost and volume were 50-75%

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    Re: Problem with subwoofers or amp?

    A.bass boost on your amp should be at zero
    B. get a dmm and set your gain accordingly
    C. check your grounds

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    Re: Problem with subwoofers or amp?

    Take it back to the shop you had it installed at hopefully they should have some kind of warranty on the product they sell and install. Sounds like they set the amp too hot and blew the subs.

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