Hi folks, I've been out of the aftermarket audio game for a few years, and as I've done my research, I've finally comfortably purchased the core component speakers for my Z's system. After browsing online I got a great link to this website for front speakers and settled on the Boston Acoustic component speakers for the front, JL C2 650x's for the rear speakers, and a Kenwood Excelon X600F(class AB) to send about 100x4 RMS to each speaker.

For subwoofer I pulled the JL W3v2-d2 12's from my old car and the 500/1 JL mono amp. I looked on ebay, found a great custom box to fit the trunk of my Z.

I called the guy up, had him build it for only one W3 subwoofer in the center of box, and he is building it close as spec as he can for the subwoofer. I decided to avoid putting both w3 12's in the trunk because i figured it would be overkill for a hatchback plus the volume of the box are less than ideal for 2 of them.

What I have so far:

Kenwood Excelon KDC-X696 CD Receiver
120ASWC Metra ASWC Auto Sensing Steering Wheel Cntrl Intrfc

Subwoofer System
JL Audio - 12" W3v2-d2 subwoofer
JL Audio - 500/1 500 Watt RMS Mono class D amp.

Component System
Boston Acoustics - Pro60 SE 1
JL Audio - C2-650x
Kenwood Excelon - X600F 4 channel amp 100 watt RMS

The car itself is a 2007 350z Hatchback Enthusiast model, not roadster. There is no BOSE and no Navigation.

So right now I havent actually wired up a system in about 7 years and I'm probably going to take it to a local shop somewhere here in Jacksonville, but I'd like to purchase whatever else I need for a reasonable price beforehand to minimize costs.

1.) What kind of wiring kits do you guys recommend for this set up? I want the best bang for the buck, exactly what i need for good sound quality and enough length, without paying for a brands name(monster cable comes to mind). I need the wiring for a 4 channel amp, and the wiring for the subwoofer, and distributor.

2.) How should the subwoofer run off a 500 RMS amp to 1 channel when its 300 RMS? Do I simply turn the gain down?

3.) Same issue for the Kenwood 4 channel amp, it should be close to optimal for the boston speakers, but may be a bit much on the JL rears, anyone know how to tweak the rear speakers with this amp?

4.) How much dynomat should i consider purchasing, is it even necessary, do Z door panels rattle? What about the trunk?

5.) Any suggestions on where to mount the tweeters on the boston acoustic speakers? I definitely dont want them inside the door speaker spot.

6.) What's a reasonably priced distributor that will do the job to run the power cable to both amps without losing power?

7.) Do I need a Capacitor for this set up based on the wattage?

8.) Does anyone use Google Music to play music to their car stereo? Anyone know the highest quality I can achieve playing music through my android smartphone?

9.) Is there anywhere visible to mount the crossovers for the front speakers or is it best to tune the crossovers before putting the door panel back on then simply concealing them inside the door?

I've got more questions but these would solve a bunch!!! Thanks!