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Reload Thread: Pioneer Wiring and Installation Trouble (HELP!)

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    Pioneer Wiring and Installation Trouble (HELP!)

    Alright, I have a 2001 silverado, with a pioneer stereo. I recently got a newer pioneer stereo head unit, replacing the old one, and matching all the colored wires from the new stereo to the wires on my harness, and connecting the blue wire from the stereo to my blue remote wire that runs to my amp.
    One would assume it would work.
    It did turn on, but only for about 10 seconds before it cut off, along with my amp.
    (can the amp not cut on without the remote wire from the stereo telling it to? Is my amp ok?)
    I have rewired it all three times, checked my fuses, everything.
    What am I doing wrong?
    I've read that you run the black wire from the stereo to metal in the dash and ground it,
    and I've also read that you run (idk if its red of yellow) the ignition wire to the fuse box, rather than running the black ground and (red, yellow) ignition wires from the stereo to the harness.
    All I know is all the colors are matching and fuses are good, yet it wont even turn on, nor will my amp.
    Any help would be beyond appreciated.

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    Re: Pioneer Wiring and Installation Trouble (HELP!)

    are you using a GMOS adapter? the reason to go to the fuse box with the red ignition wire is that the factory radio does not have a traditional ignition turn-on due to the Class II Data Bus.

    the yellow wire gets a constant voltage. you can use your DMM to verify the wires you tapped do indeed provide constant 12V to yellow and switched ignition 12V to red. you may have simply tapped the wrong wires. if you still have voltage on both red and yellow when the HU turns off, then it's likely a short causing the HU to protect itself from your wiring methods.

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    Re: Pioneer Wiring and Installation Trouble (HELP!)

    Blue wire also has to be connected to blue wire from factory harness I'm not to sure if u mentioned that already?

    Blue wire from stereo does not only connect to rem from amp it connected to its own remote which tells the radio to turn on and off if ure harness dose not have one run it to a fuse that closes contacts as the ignition turns on but opens contacts when ignition is off ??

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