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    Icon32 Headunit pop with turning on and off

    I've read a few posts about this speaker already but have found no solution.

    A while back I hot swapped my rcas while the deck was playing (dumb move in retrospect) and I started getting a lot of engine noise in my RCAs. Long story short I'm guessing I blowed the pioneer pico fuse or whatever it's called. I found a stickie on here or another forum about how to ground pioneer RCAs. Worked like a charm signal sounded better than new.

    Then came pop thumb that been beating and my mids. I know it has to be a head unit problem because I can only duplicated the issue when the radios RCAs are present.

    Has anyone ever successfully fixed this issue without sending off or replacing the HU.

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    Re: Headunit pop with turning on and off

    Do you have all your speakers going through amps? Or do you run your mids off the headunit. Try disconnecting your remote turn on wire - does the problem go away? I've replaced a headunit for this in the past - but in other scenarios I've also solved the problem by adequately grounding both the head unit and the amps. Sometimes the ground wire in a factory harness isn't big enough for after market head units... Ground it to the frame with the proper gauge wiring. I've also had a bad ground cause the subs to pop on me before... use some steel wool and get a real clean connection to the frame... Hopefully this helps!

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    Re: Headunit pop with turning on and off

    Has the pop always been there, and what kind of vehicle do you have?

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