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Reload Thread: Dynamat? sound dampening advice needed!!

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    Dynamat? sound dampening advice needed!!

    I need help, i am really new to all of this. I have a 1978 toyota pick up that i am putting two 10" subs in. they aren't the greatest but they bump and sound amazing for the price of free. I want to sound proof the interior and possible stop or at least reduce rattle on the exterior as well. I know that two tens aren't going to hit super hard to make much rattle but its also to stop the sound of the wheels and engine. I looked into Dynamat and Fatmat and even a liquid sound dampener but i read other threads on it and it said that liquid is almost useless. i also thought a about bedliners and rubberized spray sealant. what do all of you think? any advice and or info is and will be greatly appreciated.

    btw my truck is all metal body

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    Re: Dynamat? sound dampening advice needed!!

    Things to look forward to:
    (2) 10" or 12" imperium audio designs subs
    set of PHD MF 6.5" comps
    Completely seal off and deaden my doors
    aquire a 2k amp
    aquire a 2 channel amp for front stage

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    Re: Dynamat? sound dampening advice needed!!

    The proper term is "sound damping". Dampening is what happens in the shower. .

    Note that while that link reports 25% is the minimum required for a level of damping, don't neglect to address transmission loss. To increase transmission loss (I.e. reduce sound passing through the thin metal) you need 100% coverage of a decoupled barrier, such as 1 lb/sf MLV with a padding. Ideally, you would have both deadening and a barrier. And you get what you pay for. Elastomeric and viscoelastic properties cost more than mass alone.

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    Re: Dynamat? sound dampening advice needed!!

    He might need that again, in English, Rich. lol

    I keed, I keed

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