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    First time installer, need help

    This is my first time ever installing a sound system, so excuse my inexperience and lack of basic knowledge. Right now this is the setup in which i have bought to install into my car. My plan is that the 4-channel amp, which is rated at,4 ohms: 50 watts x 4 chan, will power the 2 sets of speakers i have. The 3-way Sony speakers run at 75W RMS, and the 2-way Lanzars run at 60W RMS. I underpowered the amp rather than overpowered them, idk if that was a good idea or not, if someone could tell me whether im an idiot or smart for doing that itd be much appreciated. The 2-channel amp will be bridged to run at 400W RMS and power the 350W RMS sub. I have a couple of questions.

    1)is it okay to have a pair of 2-way speakers conjoined with a pair of 3-way speakers on one amp?

    2)My head unit only has one pair of rca out ports, and i have 2 amps, how can i get both amps hooked up to the head unit? and do i need to have one of them on a high level input?

    3)What are high-pass and low-pass frequencys and do i need to use them on either of my amps?

    Any help is gratefully appreciated!
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    Re: First time installer, need help

    research research research you have a lot to learn my friend which totally fine....but the only way your truly gonna learn is by trail and error and doing it yourself which seems like your plan

    the speakers will be find on the 4 channel just put 1 speaker on each channel

    as for the head unit....i'd sell that and get a new one because your gonna want to atleast have a sub out and you will actually need 3 sets of rca if u wanna do it can still do it with 2 sets if u choose

    and the high pass low pass filters are your best friend...think of it like this.... the 3way and 2 way speakers you have, have a freq range they are rated to play in as do subwoofers.... you will just have to learn this by your self but most people cross over there sub at 80hz and there mids and highs at 125hz or higher and depending on the speaker if its a midbass or tweeter will also change what you would want to cross them over at.... research my friend...take your time before you go installing it all...glad to see someone new getting into the game tho

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