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    How many and what kind of terminals do I need?

    Im having a difficult time figuring out how many spade terminals i need for my install, and if they should be male or female. When reading online, it seems like i need female spade terminals, when i look at the manual for my components, I see the fork style spade connectors. My setup is

    ppi art a300 amp
    rainbow slc component set (with crossovers and tweeters)
    18 ft 4gauge memphis power wire (o ring on one end, other end is bare wire)
    25 ft 12g streetwires speaker wire

    My guess is that I need 12 fork spade connectors per side, 24 total:

    each speaker get 2 (4)
    each tweeter gets 2 (4)
    each crossover input gets 4 - 2 from crossover, 2 from speaker (8)
    each crossover output gets 4 - 2 from crossover, 2 from speaker (8)
    The manual to the ppi art amp indicate its ok to unscrew the connector, put bare wire in, and screw it tight. Are terminals not needed for this connection?

    What is this talk about female spade connectors, do I need them, and how many would I need?

    EDIT: guess was correct....24 is what was needed. fork spade connectors. my apologies for the redundant post, some posts from other forums that did not apply to my situation confused me.
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