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    Sub problem

    The other day my sub just quit as i was driving. At first I thought my amp had overheated, as it has done before, but after being parked fr several hours still nothing so i started checking all my fuses, then wires and everything is good. Now i have noticed that the sub will still hit if I press in on the cone. I pulled the sub out of the box and was checking for any discoloration or anything that ight indicate a burnt out voice coil but everything appears fine. So what im wondering is. What is the problem and is it something i can fix? Or am i going to have to replace the sub?

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    Re: Sub problem

    sounds like you broke either a tinsel lead, or it's connection to the coil, or a portion of the coil leads on the cone, if it goes up to the cone and connects under the dustcap. not knowing your abilities, nor the sub in question, i'm not sure if you would be able to fix it yourself. a pic of the sub where the tinsel leads are going to the cone, and dustcap would help.

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    Re: Sub problem

    can you elaborate more on the system? as fas as what you have?

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    Re: Sub problem

    Measure the subs impedance see if u still get a coil reading. Could be the coil or tinsel lead as stated. U could possibly repair the tinsel if broke or have it reconed if r2 he subs worth the money.

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