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    Icon33 Volume won't go past one

    I was driving Down the road yesterday like normal listening to music, then all of a sudden all the music stopped and when I tried to turn that music up it would not go past volume 1. I'm not sure what's wrong but I asked a friend and we reset the radio by replacing the fuse and also reset the whole computer of my car. Neither helped. I do have custom subs installed in my car so the wiring is a bit intertwined if that matters. I got it to somehow get to volume 18 because that's like the standard volume that it's on when I start my car but I cannot cut the volume up only down.*

    So does anyone know where the problem could be? It didn't make any funny noise when it happened, just sounded like someone hit pause. Can anyone point to the origin or where to start looking? Could it possibly be the wiring? I took out the radio, took it apart to look for any burns or odd looking things but didn't see any. I put it all back together, put it back into my car and I still have the same issue.

    Can anyone help? Thank you for any response!

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    Re: Volume won't go past one

    factory or aftermarket HU?

    could be a bad HU volume control. or a short circuit and teh HU is protecting itself.

    step #1 is to bench test teh head unit with a power supply and test speaker.

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    Re: Volume won't go past one

    ^^^agreed, if the HU is still doing it in bench test it is probably the volume potentiometer, if not it could be any number of things sending it into protect, there are some kenwoods that freak out when something as simple as a blown speaker is hooked up to it

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