i wired up an amp and sub that a friend gave me the amp is a jvc ks ax302 the sub jus says triple x on the speaker and xl series on the top corner of the box , not sure what the wattage is or ohms or anything,

it seems to work ok when the volume is low on the head unit until about a quarter way up the sub and amp cuts out and comes back on again breifly before cutting out, it jus keeps switching on and off, the power light on the amp is switching on and off

the head unit is an mfd2 factory satnav in a mk5 golf r32, i tapped into the rear speaker wire behind the hu with a line converter any help would be apprectiated before i throw the lot in the bin

im assuming the amp is ok for that sub as they came together but my mate dosent know either i dont kno if its somthing ive done or if something is faulty or what