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Reload Thread: Help installing 2 12 in. subs '97 Ford Taurus

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    Help installing 2 12 in. subs '97 Ford Taurus

    Hey guys, I'm very new to installing things into my car, I used to have an '89 Cadillac DeVille and had my subs in that (which a friend helped me instal) but I got rear-ended and my car got totaled, so now I have a Taurus. I was wanting to install my subs in this car but I don't know how, and my friend won't help. I don't have specifics on the brands of my subs and amp, but I can get them if needed. He told me that the car has a premium sound system installed in it already and that he won't touch it because all the audio in the car is channeled to one box in the trunk, I don't know.

    Like I said, I'm a complete noob to this kind of stuff, so if you could give me some tips, or even a guide of how to install them, I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks ! (:

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    Re: Help installing 2 12 in. subs '97 Ford Taurus

    So again what’s ur question? To install subs you will need to run a power wire from the batt to the amp. You will need to ground the amp to the frame or a similar good grounding spot. Ground wire should be less than 3ft long. U will need a remote turn on wire that will connect to HU to the amp to tell it to turn on and you will need a set of rca's which connect to hu back to amp. Do you have a factory head unit or after market?

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    Re: Help installing 2 12 in. subs '97 Ford Taurus

    Chances are with a premium sound system he is using the factory HU. You are going to need a line out converter that you will have to tie into the speaker wires where they come out of the factory amplifier. Try looking up the colors on Car Alarm, Car Stereo, Mobile Video, and Cruise Control Info for Installers no promises they will have what you need though. Because this is a little out of the norm install I would find someone who has done it before to help you out...

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