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Reload Thread: Headunit turning off over and over

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    Headunit turning off over and over

    My radio was turning off by iteself over and over did it more often when i turned the volume up, so i bought a new headunit and it is doing the same. someone screwed what i am almost positive is the antenna wire and if the antenna wire isnt plugged in the radio it doesnt turn on at all. I tried repairing the wire jimmy rigging it and the radio is able to go higher in volume and stay longer but still turns off when i get it up higher in volume. Could this be just that antenna wire or something else, what are your thoughts? thanks.btw i checked the speakers wires and they look good.

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    Re: Headunit turning off over and over

    Do you own a toyota? there are some vehicles that ground through the antenna, not exactly the best idea but thats what they your faulty antenna is causing a bad ground, if this is the case. Higher volume means higher electrical consumption, and when it gets to a point that that ground cant support it, it turns OFF. Try this run a ground wire from the cd players harness wire(black) into a metal frame somewhere behind the radio...just might solve it, get back to me if not

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    Re: Headunit turning off over and over

    i had the same problem.. but ground was ok...
    were my rear speaker.. were 2ohms so.. my hu turns off when i turn volume up.. can be.. check it out..

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    Re: Headunit turning off over and over

    I dont have my ant hooked up as I dnt listen to the radio and I have never had an issue. Like said above either a ground issue or check to be sure you speakers are showing a 4ohm load..

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