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    Newbie Setup - Input needed

    Alright so I decided to put a sub in my car some time ago. After experimenting with it I bought a new car, as I found it impossible to get good sound quality in a car made mostly of rust and vibrating parts. At that point I had a 10" alpine type E on a pioneer gm5400T, clipping it mercilessly. I decided to kick that setup to the curb along with the rusty old truck. Before buying my own system, I had never been in a car with a sub before.

    So now I have a quality economy setup(before the truck+sound system ran me 450$) in this case the car was 900$(hyundai accent hatchback) and the setup was 600$. Setup now consists of one SA-15 running on an AQ 1200D at 1 ohm, in a ****** but decently spec'd box. If anyone cares I'm running 4ga KnuKoncepts wires, and I installed an optima yellowtop battery along with the big 3. This is the biggest system I felt comfortable putting in with my stock alternator. Decently tuned, could definitely be tuned better but it's decent.

    The hitch is that when it hits hard enough the car amplifies the effect in a ridiculous way. If the note is hitting much at all, chances are it's resonating the whole car to make the note go straight from hardly noticeable, right on to ear drum wobbling. There seems to be no real middle ground? Of course it can transition from super loud to painful loud, but not really to just a normal level.(normal level being defined as what you would get out of a high end stock system)

    Either quiet or overwhelming for most people who have not heard decent subs. For clarification the resonance is not vibration of small bits or pieces, that was the point of purchasing this car. Honestly it's shockingly free of almost all vibrations I've heard in other peoples cars with subs.

    Could this be because I used a ported box? Is that why people say sealed sounds more "musical"?

    If anyone wants I'll snap some pictures of the setup and post em up, but I'm going under the assumption no one else is ever going to do a build in a Hyundai Accent.

    Also, if anyone can reasonably answer this last question, how much punishment can my SA 15 take? With my amp driving it just over twice its RMS rating, I have played music for over an hour clipping with minimal warming of the dustcap......
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    Re: Newbie Setup - Input needed

    the sa should handle that power just fine. you would be lucky to see 1200 watts out of that amp at 1ohm dont get me wrong its a great amp.

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    Re: Newbie Setup - Input needed

    sounds like you need to deaden the car.

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    Re: Newbie Setup - Input needed

    Sounds like this needs to be in the right section

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