Sounds like a Good Deal on an amp!!! Want to go cheap on a sub/subs??? For approx 80.00 on the bay, you can buy a pair of 10 in.Lanzar Max Pro 600 rms dvc 4ohm subs, that are decent in a 1.4cu ft. ported box each that I had in my Integra on My Autotek Mean Machine 99 and pounded pretty **** GOOD!!Until I got my 900 rms subs back.But you have to build a box for them,or buy.Made mine out of 3/4 mdf,and made a port out of 2.5in pvc at 1.4cu ft.But if you dont want to buy or spend time building a box,money saved on the amp can go towards the sub,that needs little introduction for beginners, and easy to install..Bazooka BT102 4dvc BT Series Dual Passive tube 10 in for 118.99 FREE Shipping 400 rms Subwoofer on the bay.They sound good for the money, space saver,ported,and can be easily taken out to get to your spare tire and weighs almost nothing compared to a box!!! Worth checking into!! Entry level for the price,I have tried both, and recommend either or,but my preferance is the bazooka!! Good luck!!!