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    Need Help with AMP

    I am having a problems installing a system in my 01 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. The Jeep came with an infinity gold amp for the component speakers (not sure if this has anything to do with it). I have a JVC head unit and everything has worked great for over a year. I am trying to install an MTX amplifier and subwoofer now. I ran all the wires and set everything up but nothing happened. The MTX has 3 red lights lit up solid on it which im not sure if it is powered on or in protection mode or what not as I am rather new to this. i have tried to change the wiring and make sure that everything was correct. I even moved the ground wire thinking that it could have something to do with it but still nothing.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is getting pretty frustrating.

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    Re: Need Help with AMP

    likely you have some speaker wiring that is shorting out. could be at the amp or in the sub box or on the sub. when making connections, don't wrap wire around terminals. you need to use proper terminals that are well crimped and in general, no bare copper wire should be visible anywhere at any connection, before you use any electrical tape. electrical tape acts as extra insulation, but should not cover bare copper wire (unless the wire is soldered).

    start by disconnecting the speaker wires. if the lights go off, then you know the wiring is the problem. from there, use a DMM to measure resistance between the speaker wires to verify, and fix the connections.

    always have the system off when making/changing connections. always have the battery negative disconnected when making power wire changes.

    pics of the install and the connections?

    have you been helped by me? i'd love to know. shoot me a PM.

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