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Reload Thread: grounding two amps, seperate locations?

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    grounding two amps, seperate locations?

    I was going to get a ground dist block for my two amps, and then decided that I could just get a ring terminal and bolt them in the same place.

    I have had a little change of plans and want to leave one amp under the seat and have the sub amp in the trunk.

    So can I bolt the ground for each amp in two seperate locations close to the respecitve amp, rather than running the ground to a common location and the risk of the wire being more than a few feet?

    When I hear that ground wire should be the same as power wire, this only implies to the wire which actually goes in and out of the amp. I am starting with 0/1 guage at the battery, eventually finishing with 4 ga to one amp and 8 ga to the other. I plan on using 4 ga ground on the first amp and 8 ga ground on the second amp. This is correct, right?

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    Re: grounding two amps, seperate locations?

    That should work fine. Make sure you have a bare metal grounding point for each amp. If you have noise problems (it is possible) try different grounding points. As a last resort you can run your small amp's ground to the same point as the sub amp by the shortest route possible.

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