Hello all, I have a Custom Autosound Secret audio system installed in my car. I am not getting the best FM reception, so I am looking into wiring in an aux jack for an MP3 player. An adaptor kit is available from the manufacturer, but it is over $100 for an auxilary cable.

I have found a pinout for the connector that is used for the cable and/or a cd changer. I have attatched it. It seems as though, I should be able to connect to the L, R and Ground pins, and have a simple MP3 cable. Whenever I hook this up however, the radio wont let me select the disk changer mode.

I suspect that either the BUS pin or some other pin needs to be hooked up to signal that there is a cable hooked up.

Does anyone have any information or links to resources that may help me get this wired up?


Aux Cable for Custom Autosound HeadUnit-custom-autosound-usa66.gif