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on a side note...

That is not an elegant solution.

Now it looks like i need to provide an image worth linking to... and this is pretty much only for Pioneer head units. It's not a fix for everything and not a good idea unless you specifically have an open circuit on the RCA shield. You shouldn't recommend this blindly.

I buy RCA's with good head shells that are two pieces. i avoid molded RCA cables. I want to be able to get in there if necessary. Streetwires has some RCA's with nice, small headshells that are easy to use. I recently installed a Monster Cable 6 channel RCA (one common body for most of the run). And straight from the factory, one of the sets had the center pin and shield connected. poor quality control.
I'll actually agree that is a rough way to ground them but gets the job done, I understand it not being the first thing to do and primarily relates to the Pioneer pico fuses, however I really dont see it harming anything at all and makes for a quick fix or quick check.

Besides, I put check grounds first for a reason =P

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Yeah grounds are always a problem if they are not good. RCAs do make a difference in sound quality and they are one of the few things that you can purchase quality gear and it doesn't cost all that much. Might be worth your while to invest 20$ in some nice RCA/patch cords.

Honestly, on RCA cable's, I also don't think it makes a difference at all. It can make a difference in the case you are forced to run them next to power runs (not recommended either way) where you'll have better insulation against interference. Otherwise, I get RCA cables on sonic-electronix usually for around ~$10 and they work fine, theres no reason to get the "super gold plated force field insulated diamond plated" $50 RCA cables, before you'd possibly notice any kind of gain from cables like that you'd have to have a setup on par with a recording studio IMO

IT is possible to have defective cables which can cause distortion and reduce sq =P But overall assuming cables are good, no point in spending more for RCA's, in my opinion