Hello Everyone,



2008 350Z


Pioneer X920BT
Sundown SAX125.2
Image Dynamics CTX65CS

FI Q10
Zenclousures single 10" box
Hifonics TXi 1008D


KnuKonceptz 1/0 all around
Streetwires Distribution Block
1/0 to 4ga reducers
Stinger 14ga speaker wire


XS Power D1200
KnuKonceptz + and - Battery Terminals
Stinger 150 amp Circuit Breaker

The problem is that the fuses at the amps and distribution block keep blowing. Both of the amps have been tested, and both function fine. I've checked all the wiring, I even insulated all the wiring at every end. Originally I had a Polk amp in place of the Sundown, and everything worked fine. I tried going back to the Polk amp, and the same problem kept happening. I also tried individual runs of 1/0 to both the amps and that also kept blowing fuses.

Today I went back to the old wiring setup with new wires, and only the fuses at the distro block went.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this problem.