Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum and car audio world, so bare with me.

I'm rocking an '03 Kia Spectra. Stock everything(audio). I'm hoping to add some sort of aux input so I can listen from my phone, but I have no clue how. I'm guessing there are 3 ways I could do it.

a) cut the end of a 3.5mm and plug it into the 16 pin connector somehow

b) same as above, but in the 8 pin instead

c) join a 3.5mm with an antenna cable and plug into the antenna plus( my phone has an fm receiver, so it's no biggie. don't listen to the radio that much anyway.)

diagram of connections: thejoshmeyer.com/IMG_20110415_154420.jpg

the following are available on 16 pin: a k l

I don't know if any of those would work or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Adding aux input to stock pos.  Completely lost.-img_20110415_154420.jpg