K I'm a noob, but trying to be considerate and not pollute other more specific threads.
I'm installing an Audison lrx5.1 in on 08 WRX/STI (amp is approx. 1500W max, but I'll rarely hit that).
The STI alternator puts out 120A. I ordered a BatCap 800 to help preserve my electrical system and to lengthen play time with the engine off. Don't do this often, but now and then. I'm running just this amp and an EQ in the back of the vehicle - 4GA with one distro block.

I've never installed one of these, my questions are these:
1. I really con't have room in the back with the amp. Can I install this in the engine compartment? Read recommendations to put it as close to the amp as possible.

2. The amp has an internal fuse, I was planning on putting 100A fuse near the main battery. Where else do I need to fuse? I've read I should fuse at both ends, front (near main batt) and back (after BatCap).

3. While I've read Caps are essentially useless, I feel I understand how they can help, and that second batteries are more useful. Both will increase total load on my alternator, (I'm looking into doing the Big3 upgrade, if practical) but the pros seem to outweigh the cons (preventing main batt depletions and smoothing out surge demands) etc. I'm hoping to protect my electrical system, thus my choice of a BatCap. I've read you should pre-charge a CAP before installing. Is this also true for a Bat Cap? Should you do this every time you disconnect your battery before reconnecting it?

4. Safety - I would think you'd treat a Cap just like a battery - basically you can't get shocked unless you grab both leads, correct? Any other precautions while installing?

Thx for any/all input.