Hello all, currently re-evaluating my current build. Here it is at it stands:

The setup:

Stock radio in 2011 Camaro (didnt like any of the kits)
Rockford fosgate 360.2
Diamond Audio D600.4 (the older model 75 x 4 4ohm)
JL 500/1
Boston Acoustics 6.5 Pro 60SE
2 x 10" Image Dynamics ID10D4 V3's (dvc 4 ohm)

Have this running in active. I think it could get louder.

1. In a conversation with a member here, they recommended either another amp and bridging for the front stage or getting a more powerful 4 channel for the front. The ProSE's are rated to 125w rms, but he said they loved more power. I've read this over and over. Another option would be to bridge the 4 channel now, and use passive crossovers ... These are also 3ohm, so ...

I dont quite understand all the bi-amp or bi-wire, but the SE's crossovers are capable. Anything to gain by doing this?

2. What say you about the current sub / amp config? The ID's are DVC 4ohm, but with the 500/1 I believe they're still getting 250 watts each sub. Any better way of doing this?

Not scared to spend some money, let me know what YOU guys would do, keeping SQL in mind. Help me build a good SQL system, or build off what I already have.