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Reload Thread: is this possible, 3 subs, 2 amps, please read.

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    is this possible, 3 subs, 2 amps, please read.

    hello all,

    im new to car stereo (well not new, just new to doing it myself instead of paying a shop to do everything for me) so bear with me if this question seems stupid.

    right now im running one 10" Image dynamics IDQ 2ohm DVC sub. both voice coils are wired in series so i have a 4ohm load with the two channels from the amp bridged.

    i just got a ppi A300.2 and A600.2. i was originally going to use the A300.2 to power my mb quart 3ways and the A600.2 for two of those idq subs but now im thinking that i would like three of them.

    heres the idea...

    the A600.2 will do 600 @ 4ohms bridged. i would buy two IDQ 4ohm DVC subs and wire both voice coils in series and both subs in parallel for an overall 4ohm load, getting 600 watts for the two subs.

    the A300.2 will do 300 @ 4ohms bridged. i would use my current IDQ 2ohm DVC sub and keep it with both voice coils wired in series so i could keep running the 4ohm load, getting the 300 watts from this amp.

    is my thinking ok with this? each sub would be getting 300 watts, is this a bad idea to have two subs going to one amp and one sub going to another? they should all be getting equal power. will the two 4ohm subs on one amp sound different to the one 2ohm sub? lemme know if this setup will work or not guys, if not ill just stick with two subs on the bigger amp.

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    Re: is this possible, 3 subs, 2 amps, please read.

    what kind of box? if they all r the same size and have seperate chambers i wouldn't think it'd be bad. i'd get someone elses opinion also from a higher ranking than me.

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    Re: is this possible, 3 subs, 2 amps, please read.

    Better to get 3 10s with dual 6ohm coils and use the 600 to power them @4ohms mono. Sure, you gain 1.5db by using both amps, but if the 3 10's don't move in sync, they could cancel each other out. I would use 1 for bass and the other for highs. why not get 2 12s. ANd sell your 10 on ebay, ya ya i know 3 10s sounds way better, I got a JL power wedge with 3 10w3s sitting in my house. They used to be in my car but i blew the engine in my legend. They don't fit in my rx7. Problem was i would drive around all the time just to listen to them, untill my engine blew and begain smoking like a chimney out my exhaust.
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